Invention Cons, Scams and Problems

Have an invention idea and want some help finding a partner to help make your invention a success? Looking for a company to license or help you license your invention?
Are you considering using a Patenting Service Firm, an Invention Promotion Firm, or an Invention Marketing Firm to help you with your invention idea?

If you are looking to find and honest company to help you with your invention, unfortunately, we don't have a handy list of companies to recommend to you.  You must do your own research on good companies to work with and focus on finding companies specializing in the industry that best suits your invention idea.

What we can tell you is that in looking for someone to help you get your invention to market, you should be very cautious in using any company that provides a one-stop range of services.  Some of them may be great. But make sure you do your research before working with one. Be ready to ask a lot of questions and make sure that the company you are working with has a great reputation and a proven track record of success.Ignore the marketing hype in looking at these types of companies and look for real reviews for real people who have been happy with the work that was done for them.

Many invention service companies are just looking for a new client to "help" them with their invention ideas.  Unless you are hiring a company to do an evaluation of your product for you, it is not the company's job to decide if your product should be patented, drawn up, designed, prototyped, produced, manufactured or sold and marketed.  It is your job as the inventor to do the proper analysis to ensure that your product idea will be a successful product.

You can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on your new product idea. There are many companies that claim that they will work with you to get your invention to market that are more interested in earning fees from you than from actually making your product a financial success.

Successful inventing is an a-la-carte process where the inventors is intimately involved throughout the process and works to put together the various resources, tools and services to bring to life a successful invention. If someone promises to do it all for you for a fee of several thousand dollars, warning bells should go off.

There are also many companies and law firms happy to provide you with their services in patenting your invention idea. While most provide a valuable service, too often, an inventor is wasting his money by patenting their idea. If the inventor does not have a solid plan on how they are going to turn their invention into a product and take it to market or find someone who will pay them a license fee to obtain rights to make and sell their invention, hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars can be wasted patenting an invention that will never earn the inventor any money in return. 

Listed below are links to articles and websites that can help you avoid wasting your money and your time. Make sure you review them and take care to avoid the people and companies that are more interested in taking your money than in seeing your invention idea succeed:

Defending Against Fraudulent Invention Schemes Helpful Advice:

Sites To Reference In Doing Your Research

To check if a company that you are interested in working with has been investigated and/or fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), enter the word "invention" in the FTC's web site search engine.  There, you can see a list of FTC news releases about invention scam companies.