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Invention Help And Information Guide

Have an invention idea? Need invention help? 

We don't have all the answers, but we have collected one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of resources and information on the whole invention process. Before you spend money on any invention related services, please invest the time to learn more about what it takes to turn your invention idea into a product.

We have several parts to the Invention Information Resources we have collected for you.

  • We have an extensive collection of links to resources helpful to inventors going through the invention process. See list of links below.
  • We have hundreds of article on all aspects of the invention process. Find what you need by searching the site using the search box on the top of our pages.
  • We also have our own Invention Informaton Guide. See below.

Here are some articles you really should read (they are old but the information in them is still true and invaluable):

Here's our collection of links and resources to help you with your invention ideas:

Note: For more detailed guidance, you can also look for additional advice and tips in our collection of recommended books for inventors. 

Here's Our Own Invention Information Guide Book