Invention Cons, Scams, and Problems


Have an invention idea and want some help finding a partner to help make your invention a success? Thinking about using an Invention Promotion Firm or Invention Marketing Firm to help you?

If you are looking to find and honest company to help you with your invention? You must do your research.

You should be cautious of using any company that provides a one-stop range of services. Please do you research before working with one.

Successful inventing is an a-la-carte process where the inventors in intimately involved throughout the process and works to put together the various resources, tools and services to bring to life a successful invention. If someone promises to do it for you for a fee of several thousand dollars, warning bells should go off.

Defending Against Fradulent Invention Schemes Helpful Advice:

Places to Help You Do Research

To check if a company has been investigated and/or fined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), enter the word "invention" in the FTC's web site search engine. There, you can see a list of FTC news releases about invention scam companies.