The Amazing Water Faucet Extension

This invention is a water faucet extension designed to make more room in the kitchen sink for big pots, pans and pitchers. That normally would not fit under the faucet in the sink. The invention accomplishes this by being many inches higher than the original water faucet. This invention is basically an s shaped pipe that screws in to an existing water faucet. After it is installed on to the water faucet it extends upward between 6 to 12 inches but not limited to. Providing extra room between the bottom of the sink to the top of the water faucet therefore giving extra room for washing big items that normally would not fit under the faucet. This invention is very simple to install it involves only two steps. First step unscrew and remove the cap from the original water faucet to reveal the threaded spout. Step two screw the new faucet extension on to the original faucet spout completing the two step installation of this invention. It should further be noted that water faucets that do not have screw off faucet heads, this invention will come with a rubber adapter that will fit tightly over the existing faucet head by friction or even a clamp. This invention will be a lot cheaper than buying a hole new water faucet just for some extra room in the sink and a lot less labor involved. It can be made of plastic metal or any durable water proof material, plastic is best being that it's light weight.

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Jan 5, 2008
by brack
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good concern.

I'm concerned about the extra pressure put on the base of the original faucet.  If the new extension were pulled down for any reason, the base would be compromised.