Anemone Clock

The AnemoneClock is a feisty little alarm clock with a bit more personality guaranteed to shake and wake anyone out of bed! Conventional alarm clocks only use sound to wake you up, but as many sleepers know, a quick flick to the static snooze button leads right back to sleeping without ever really opening your eyes. This early morning ritual is repeated several times without ever really waking you up when you want! All alarm clocks are simply too easy to turn off! The AnemoneClock is designed to rumble, tremble, and literally bounce away from your beside when the alarm sounds forcing any sleeping beauty out of bed to wrestle it down, pick it up, get shaken awake, and finally turning it off. This clock will definitely wake you up through its engaging use of sound, interaction, movement, light, and fun. The AnemoneClock is a sphere-shaped clock textured in an array of playful rubber knobs randomizing its witty vibrating movements.
Invention Status: patent pending

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Jul 23, 2007
by tdog

anemone vs clocky

the anemone clock was invented back in 2000. They are rather different actually.

Aug 15, 2008
by Anonymous

anemone clock will die

According to the patent office Gauri Nanda is the true Inventor of a movable clock that falls from a placement and moves in directions on the floor and is turned off by a user by retrieving it.

The Patent examiner has compared Gauri Nanda's Patent application and Aaron Tang's Patent application and in an office action involving the two competing patents has awarded Gauri Nanda the Patent.

Gauri Nanda's professors entered in plenty of evidence and swore that she is the true Inventor of a movable clock, she created, designed it and programmed it all by herself.
Though Aaron has made it on Everyday Edison's and is planing on marketing his clock for xmas, I am certain Gauri Nanda and her Lawyer will be leaping out of the shadows to hit him and the Everyday Edison team with Infringement Lawsuit.

Patent number: 7355928
Filing date: Aug 11, 2005
Issue date: Apr 8, 2008
Inventor: Gauri Nanda
Assignee: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Primary Examiner: Renee Luebke
Attorney: Gordon E. Nelson
Application number: 11/201,839

Aug 24, 2008
by Anonymous

real dates

Under aaron tang patent:
"This application is related to and claims priority from earlier filed provisional patent application Ser. No. 60/696,547, filed Jul. 6, 2005 and Ser. No. 60/772,512, filed Feb. 13, 2006. "

Clocky was filed in Aug 11, 2005, a month after tang's application.

Isn't the person that files first suppose to receive the patent?