AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

We strive to design tools, like the AngLevel tool, that save time, save space, and are less cumbersome to use, carry, and store. Our tools ultimately speed up a projects completion time by allowing contractors to work safer, more efficiently, and with greater ease. AngLevel Measuring Tool Features: - Torpedo Level (Magnetic), Speed Square, T-Bevel - Measures Angles, blade can spin 360 degrees. - 9" closed, and 16" inches long when open (reduces the need for a 2ft level) - Can be set as a quick step off tool, 16"On Center or 14.5" inches inner frame spacing for example - Plumb bob
Jeffrey & Geoffrey Diaz for Topline Innovations LLC
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Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: In production and available now.

Keywords: anglevel, pitch, degrees, tool, construction, hand, compass, square, t-bevel