Aurin ™ - Intelligent 8 Outlet Power Distributor

Microchip controlled Intelligent advanced 8 multi-plug power-splitter with its own prozessor and memory, intern I2C realttime-clock and with unique features, to switch comfortable: direct + timer + master/slave-with individual slave/s -- all in one power-strip.

8 sockets are manageable from the computer via USB port, or with the external control unit and if everything is set, the Aurin device works alone. Set it and forget it. Create complex Profiles and activate it with one click.

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The Aurin-Device  works for itself independently, has its own processor, an internal control centre with memory and own graduated Logic even at power failure, internally power supply (without battery or accumulator) to keep all attitudes up to 33 days, whereby the internal I2C capable Realtimeclock is down-clocked over the quartz. In order to be able to determine for the first time in the same power-strip individually the switching status, an electronic bypass was set, which reacts with the processor communicated and according to the program - thus during you read these lines, the program already approx. 100 time examined, whether switch any of the 8 plug sockets timer on/off, or Master/Slave or  Dirket on/off, or whether it has to register at a PC. It continues since it recognizes - if dataable equipment is attached and supervises this. It could be in the next moment it is requested to open a circuit or a whole series, whether of the program,  a PC or the external Control-Unit, (or the product family over Bluetooth or its own I.P. over Internet). The control logic decides the priorities due to it with several sources, and permits to instances the program also accept running settings and afterwards returns again into the program, and additionally accept direct circuit to 3 timers. The Registry is supervised by a Watchdog, in order to exclude errors. The 3 D software in small size, middle frame size and full screen modus is simple to handle, provided with a simulator to create complex switching profiles, and displays the actual status for every socket and device. Skln and animations are changeable. The Hardware can be placed everywhere also at badly accessible position, behind the desk. The prototypes permits both: external LCD-Control, and the USB connection to the PC. and is equipped for global use with 115V / 230V, High voltage filter protection, fuse and internal lighting for comfortable handling. Available: Prototypes in Acryl Showcase 115V-230V 50-60 Hz It is suitable for computers and office environment, but it is universal. In the apartment, with audio/video, electrical devices, aquarium, decoration articles, Battery chargers... simulate presence when you are absence - switch on / off devices / lamps..realize the electricalsmog-free bedroom. Usable in the private sector and in the business range. Enlarge the Product family with its own IP. and/or with Apps to handle it with Your iPhone.

US Patent Nr.6811444 and Europe Patent Nr.1524735 and now we will try to bring a mass-produced article to the market Downloads –  Menue Download Username: Geyer,  Password: 6Skvy Demo-Software Aurin:SetupDemo.exe Videos: Use.mpg, Function.mpg, Control-Unit.mpg Television: ORF02.wmv,  Powerpoint: If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Graphic Design Mario Moritz Germany



Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: US 6811444 & EP 1524735
Invention Status: Re-designed USB Prototypes, Acryl-Showcases with US-Sockets and European-Schuko Sockets 115V - 230V, 50 - 60 Hz ready for industrial end-design

Keywords: microchip controlled, USB, power outlet