Bodyguard - Body Protection for Mechanics

BODYGUARD is a revolutionary way to protect mechanics while they are under a car. BODYGUARD is the only creeper with built-in FRAME PROTECTION.

The BODYGUARD has the following:

1 ½ in. Tubular steel30 000 lb Capacity FrameworkRugged powder coated finish6 in. All terrain Pneumatic castersErgonomic BackrestAdjustable Head rest

Patent Status: Patented

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Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous

That is awesome!!

That is awesome!!

Nov 16, 2009
by devvon

good idea

sure one can make sure u have jack stands also under vehicle but what about a earthquake, this framed creeper is a very good idea.  

Mar 20, 2010
by Anonymous

stupid design, ya know how

stupid design, ya know how many times you will hit your hands on those stupid bars? simple is better, and honestly how many of you worked on a vehicle you need all the free room you can get, putting guards up limits what you can do,

prime example: working on a semi (rig, big truck) you have to tighten the spring u-bolts those are at 400ftlbs so you use a huge torque wrench and when you pull you slide pulling the torque wrench, those bars would limit you.

drag this thing out and put it to rest about 8 feet under.

Oct 21, 2010
by Anonymous

I would suggest taking off

I would suggest taking off the side bars and keeping the head guard, The side bars will restrict the ability of the mechanic. The head guard wont, and bumping your arm isn’t enough of a concern for a mechanic to lose his mobility in what he can reach. Also i would suggest losing the steel and going with a flexible plastic or rubber guards. the last thing the mechanic needs to worry about is it sliding into the side of a car and money coming out of his pocket. The rubber or soft flexible plastic will still provide the same level or protection for the head but will reduce the damage to the vehicle.

Oct 4, 2011
by Anonymous

some of you missing the point...

...that frame is so if the jack fails for some reason, the frame of the creeper will stop the mechanic being crushed. That's why it is rated to 30,000 lbs.