CHALK-O-MATIC - Pool Cue Chalker & Pocket Marker

CHALK-O-MATIC is a spherical shaped measuring approximately 3 inches in diameter. It is produced in plastic and has a round opening incorporated into it underside. This opening is designed to accept the tip of a conventional cue stick. A 9 v Energizer battery (Our Sponsor) operates the motor contained in the interior housing. The motor is designed to engage with a Silver Cup billiard chalk (Our Sponsor) cube, which is inserted within the unit. The motor will rotate when the tip of the cue places pressure on the chalk which engages the pressure switch when cue is inserted at the opening at bottom of unit. The chalk and batteries can be replaced as needed without damage to unit.

CHALK-O-MATIC is also used to mark a billiard pocket. No more chalk mess, no more missed trick shots due to lack of chalk on cue....MORE FUN!

Jeff & Victoria Page
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Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

i forgot how hard and

i forgot how hard and inconvenient it was to chalk a pool cue.........

Feb 24, 2009
by Akash Lackhan

interested in this product

interested in this product need to know cost

Jun 8, 2009
by vpage123

I Forgot How

To each their own.  I am pretty sure you don't play much pool or you'd appreciate such a device to provide you with a "consistent" amount of chalk to the cue and remove the chalky mess to your hand and or table.

Jan 30, 2012
by Anonymous

Good Start

Proper chalking is essential but the biggest problem in my opinion is the residue left over that get in your carpet, table, drink, etc. If you could incorporate a miniature vacuum of sorts into the Chalk-O-Matic (you might want to work on the name a little, perhaps the Shark Auto-Chalker, but it works) that could suck in the dust as it is produced, it could bring a new level of convenience into your product.