Clever Dog Collar

Benefits of the Clever_Collar

Safety …

Conventional slip collars should not be left on the dog unsupervised.


“Clever Collar’s” use slide release or metal buckles making the putting on or off easy and quick.Slip collars are often fitted incorrectly thereby causing the collar to lock even when the dog is not pulling.

The ”Clever Collar” simplifies the purchase process, using simple, clear and informative labelling we enable the consumer to easily identify the size and style appropriate for their dog. Purchasing a dog collar no longer requires a PhD.Product suitability…

“Clever Collar” unlike conventional slip chain collars is manufactured from soft non abrasive materials making it suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages including puppies.Other slip collars may cut or mark a dog’s fur... this occurs when the dog’s coat is caught between the chain links and the running ring as the collar constricts and releases.Other slip collars can and do snag on fixed objects at both ground level and above leading to possible injury and/or death.


“Clever Collar’s” are manufactured to last. Our 19 and 25mm collars are 2 ply glued and stitched along all edges and subsequently heat cut making them suitable for all size dogs and all types of training. Strong nickel plated eyelets ensures no splitting at crucial points.Unlike conventional slip collars the “Clever Collar” uses a nylon runner line for a smooth, quiet and true check and release. A much lauded design feature by competitive trainers.

Patented constriction limiting design features are unique to the “Clever Collar”… Conventional slip collars are “Unlimited Slip” collars which means they have the potential to strangle, cause death or otherwise cause serious injury to our dogs.Choice of colours, styles, finishes and sizes to suit all dog breeds and owners.

Training outcomes, the Clever Collar delivers superior outcomes over conventional non slip collars and equal to that of conventional slip collars without the harshness or potential injury to your dog.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: PCT/AU2006/001974
Invention Status: Ready for market

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Dec 3, 2009
by Anonymous