Compact Disc Eraser

Wipe out CD-Rs and DVDRs without any shredding waste! Quicker and safer than breaking an unwanted CD, affordably priced, and fun to use. Revolutionary optical strip technology renders any CD or DVD unreadable. The smallest and most practical solution to your Data Security needs. Disc Eraser!

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Oct 31, 2007
by Danny (not verified)


Hi, i am very intrested in your invention, and would love to know where to get one, and how much it would cost.

please let me know asap.

very clever invention!!


Jun 3, 2008
by Anonymous

"Revolutionary optical strip technology"....


I'm in the data recovery field. "Revolutionary optical strip technology".... This product can not possibly work on DVD's unless it cuts them in half. the difference between DVD's and CD's is that DVD's have an extra layer protecting the optical reflection part (So it would not work!). Also there is hardware and easy to download software that can get around scraped errors (And built in error correction). This invention is fraudulent according to DVD specs. This product should not be trusted for secure destruction of DVD's or CD's!

In short:
A pair of "Revolutionary optical strip technology" scissors would do a better job, and probably last longer. (Sarcasm)

Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous


What is that, a box-cutter blade? I could do more damage with steel wool, or car keys, or scissors, or just my own two hands. Was this device necessary because some people were stupid enough to bend-to-break a disc toward their faces? If somebody really wants a CD or DVD unrecoverable then why would they stop at just scratching it a whole bunch? If the goal is to make it unreadable (since obviously this product is not meant for rewritable discs) then whoever wants the evidence eliminated probably wants to make sure there's no chance of it ever working again, i.e. destroy it so completely that there isn't a snowball's chance of hope of data recovery. "Nuke it from orbit" and all that.