Get into the 21st century with space age cyberSTiCS and lose those one sided use sticky notes!

Dual channel patented hold - High quality, virtually lasts forever!  Paper won't fall out!  Stays put! Great to hold sewing, quilting or painting  designs without damage!  You stic where you need a display!

For Office, Home or School - enjoyed by all ages 3 and up!

SAVES  MONEY over expensive  sticky notes!! Start using  any  paper without sticky glue! Promotes paper recycling by allowing for 2 sided paper use! - how about that junk mail? Reuse it!  Holds notes, pictures, recipe cards, mail or any media you need to display - not all your paper is a sticky note! 

Use in crafting, to make wood crafts instant message centers! Doubles or triples paper recycling!  Convenient  by the phone for messages written on envelopes or scraps of paper!

When cooking, use for recipe's -  leaving hands and counter free to work!!

Great gifts!

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6,286,800B1
Invention Status: US Patent issued on 09-11-01

Keywords: American Made product that promotes paper recycling
Jan 1, 2011
by Anonymous


I really like this especially around the computer. At work I have all kinds of papers taped around the side of my monitor. I defiantly want a few of these.

Jul 12, 2011
by Anonymous


ummm... the link to your website is now asian porn

Jan 15, 2012
by Anonymous


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