dForce Trainer - Sport Training System

Welcome to ET Training Systems, home of the dForce Trainer training aids. We are a sport science research & development corporation that design, develop, manufacture and sell innovative, practical and top-quality products, for developing high performance sports-specific muscles.

We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete and the extraordinary athlete into the best they can be.


The dForceTrainer, is the ultimate sports training aid product that has completely revolutionize the process of developing high performance sport specific fast twitch muscle fibers and athleticism for a variety of sports.

The dForce Trainer is a versatile training aid that allow you to emulate your sport specific mechanics against dynamic directional resistance to develop the fast twitch muscles fibers for your sport specific movements.

Sport-Specific Products Currently On the Market

  • Power Baseball ... pitching & batting ... The Natural Alternative to Steroids

  • Basketball ... quickness, jumping & shooting ...

  • Football ... throwing power & accuracy, speed & quickness

  • Golf ... balance, accuracy, repeatability, and power

  • Track & Fields ... speed (stride frequency & stride length), jumping, rotational power, endurance

  • Volleyball ... power spiking, serving, quickness & jumping

Other Products Currently On the Market

  • Core Strength ... core strength, quickness, speed, leaping and power capabilities is all interconnected.

  • Jumping ... explosive power for vertical & horizontal jumping

  • Running ... explosive power for speed & acceleration, and endurance

  • Quickness ... it all about the feet and lower leg muscles

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: US 6,224,522 B1
Invention Status: On the Market

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