Doody Digger, The Pooper Scooper Revolution

With the durable and lightweight Doody Digger Pooper Scooper, simply scoop, then raise vertically to drop dog poop directly in the attached dog waste bag. The one-handed, upright design prevents back and knee strain, while the patented shovel end works effectively on any surface.

The lightweight Doody Digger weighs only 1.5 pounds, and is made in the USA of recycled high density polyethylene. With no moving parts to break, the one-piece design is highly durable. The design of the Doody Digger’s handle makes it easy for people of all heights to use it, including kids with dogs. Polyethylene is a naturally slippery material, which makes the Doody Digger virtually non-stick. The Doody Digger enables you to pick up poop and bag it at the same time with one simple motion. Just scoop and let gravity do the rest! Since you are not bending over, your nose stays far from the smell.

The Doody Digger comes with five bags and one strong rubber O-ring for $14.95 plus shipping. Attach any bag, including plastic grocery store bags, flushable bags, and biodegradable bags. Purchase 40 Doody Bags for $7.95 plus shipping. The dog waste bag only needs to be replaced when it feels too heavy. Prop up the Doody Digger when not in use, and the weight of the waste will virtually seal the bag until it’s time to use it again.

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Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: D533689S
Invention Status: Patented

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May 25, 2012
by Anonymous


what if the poop is to big or awkwardly shaped to go through the tube and falls off the scoop onto the seems impossible to clean and a potential mess.