Doyle Rotary Engine

This is a rotary piston engine that is 11.5" wide and 18" diameter and has a displacement of 4181cc. It has one intake port, one combustion chamber, one injector, one spark plug one power port and one exhaust port.

 There are possibly as many different ways to build an engine as their are people trying. I have been looking at other peoples designs for more than 25 years. Many of them are mechanical works of  art. Though they usually take the simple design of the Otto Cycle and turn it into a symphony of parts that become a manufacturing nightmare, something that would be difficult to build or impractical or impossible to seal.

My engine design is better for many reasons. These include: Split cycle All of the parts have history Overall easier to manufacture parts Easier to assemble One combustion chamber One spark plug One fuel injector No valve train Fewer moving parts Fewer overall parts Longer time for intake stroke Longer time for combustion Longer time for power stroke Longer time for exhaust stroke Less oil windage Smaller physical footprint per cc Smaller carbon footprint per cc Lighter per cc

To get a better understanding of how my engine works and why it is better, go to

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Starting to machine parts for the next prototype

Keywords: fuel efficient engine, rotary piston engine
Aug 25, 2010
by EastTexas


  Have you tested it for horse power and torque?  Just curious what kind of power it makes compared to the rotary used by Mazda.  Also what kind of cooling system does it use.  looks totally enclosed so I'm guessing liquid cooled?

Mar 21, 2011
by Anonymous

Rotary with pistons?

Just stick with the original 13b bridgeported Rota by mazda.