DPX Systems Power Assist Drive Unit

The DPX Systems Drive Unit was developed as a power assist unit to place into motion or lift unlimited objects utilizing numerous portable,cordless,rechargable power drills. This unit can be simply mounted(360 degree adjustable mounting) to any object one would like to power assist. Examples of those objects may be bicycles,manual operated wheelchairs,baby strollers,utility dollies,waste dumpsters,wheel barrels,etc... The use and limitations of the DPX Systems Drive Unit is only limited to ones imagination. We are the inventors,developers and patent holders of this incredible revolutionary drive system and would be happy to speak with interested parties to accomodate licensing agreements. Please vist www.dpxsystems.com for further information or questions regarding licensing terms. Thank you. Anthony Mattio Marv Wachendorf www.dpxsystems.com
Anthony Mattio and Marv Wachendorf
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Invention Status: Numerous interested companies seeking licensing

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Nov 29, 2011
by Anonymous

kinetic power assist for bycycles

Power assist for bycycles using kinetic energy to charge the capsior. For use in non moterized veheical areas.