Dr. Critters Pet Reminder Bag

Dr. CrittersTM Pet Reminder Bag

Finally, an easy and effective way to manage your pet's medications and treatments. The Dr. CrittersTM Pet Reminder Bag safely locks away your pet's medications and provides a reminder to the owners when the next dose is due.

It Reminds

- The lock, position indicates the next dose. This prevents missed doses and double dosing

- Includes 1, 2, 3, and 4 daily dose labels as well as monthly and customizable labels

- Free editable, printable labels are also available online at drcritters.com

- Labels can be made in English, French, Spanish or any other language required

- Lock position and label act as a message board between caregivers which prevents errors

It Stores

- Safely stores pills, vials, syringes, devices, liquids, creams, applicators and accessories

- Ideal for use with monthly heartworm, and flea treatments as well as medications treatments for diabetic pets. 


It Protects

- Locked bag provides a barrier for curious children

- Allows you to keep the medication in the original containers (as pharmacists recommend). This maintains the child resistance that comes with the original packaging

- Keeps refrigerated medications safely separated from food

- Keeps your pet's medications separated from your medications

- If you have multiple pets, name tags ensure the right pet gets the right medication

Patent Status: Patented
Invention Status: In production and on sale.

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