Dripnot, LLC introduces the Dripnot™ universal coneholder. It is the world’s only holder designed to holdalmost every known type and size of cone, from thesmallest cake cone to the largest waffle cone. The patent pending Dripnot™ is also the only cone holder made entirely of earth friendly FDA approved materials (PLA),which can be recycled and even be composted. Available in white or clear, it will also be available in pastel colors as well. Sold 1000 per case, Dripnot, LLC is currently seeking distributors, strategic partners, and licensees for this exciting new innovation.
Invention Status: Patent Pending
Jan 12, 2011
by Anonymous

liked this at first.then

liked this at first.then thought so what if cone drips .its the convenience that matters.when you finish a cone ,well thats it your finished,you have to get rid of dripnot or clean it or whatever.not sure.oh and it probably costs something.
how do you eat the bottom wafer?

Apr 26, 2011
by Anonymous

to the question below...

well....lean forward...then stick it in your ass and see if it fits....

Jan 30, 2012
by Anonymous

Little need

I can imagine seeing this product hanging from a counter at the grocery store next to the thousands packs of gum and misfit keychains/flashlights/ and useless junk. Although it does seem like a cool idea, I dont think that anybody would consider buying it, unless a celebrity endorses it.