Elegantiz: Earthenware from Cow Dung

Elegantiz is a company that exporting earthenware product with various models and styles which made from the mixture of indonesian clay and cow dung, yes.... cow dung.

Why we use cow dung?

As far as we concern, there were ancient culture that made homes (floor, wall, etc) from the mixture of clay and cow dung.  Nowadays it is generally found and remains made in several district in India.....

Beyond its exotic nature, elegantiz got a better performance than average earthenware.  It is lighter, stronger, more durable, higher lifetime, and the best part is smoother which effected on the best media to be painted and poured by other materials for better "good looking" result

Also, our workers are happy either because it's hand friendly, they don't have to deal with sand as it used to be used for mixing up the earthenware before elegantiz emerge.

The best part of it is environmentally friendly.... we've got salutation from local environmentalists as our product solving for the cow dung problem, and if you put your organic garbage that dispose from your dinner, within four.... yes.. four days it could be a compost on demand and ready to fertilize your plants, isn't it full of useability? The Brunei's government got the same problem  and already offering us the partnership.

FYI, our product is already win for the best Indonesian youth entrepreneurial concept 2007, best Indonesian college business plan 2006, got several award from environmental organization, award from the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports Adhyaksa Dault, etc.

Sorry our website is under construction, so while waiting for the site to be online why wouldn't you contact us for further info at elegantiz@yahoo.com.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Patented

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Sep 10, 2008
by elegantiz

Buy our product is buying satisfaction and save environment

buy our product means saving environment

buy our product is get ready for better good looking of your house

imported our product is the best way for satisfaction in earthenware

my friends in India salute us for this by product from their sacred one... the cow 

Nov 10, 2008
by Anonymous


So you think it's a good idea to eat, drink, and cook with something made out of cow poop? eeeww.

Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

How can I put this politely?

How can I put this politely? The only places today (that I know of) where people still use dungware are in under-developed third-world countries. It is a great idea for the whole 'going green' thing but there are simply too many people who won't be able to get past the idea that they're eating from bowls made of excrement, no matter how pretty you make it. And the description says that within four days it can be used as fertilizer so how can it be stronger, more durable, or have a longer lifetime? What's the shelf life before it starts smelling like fecal matter again? Do you have a way to preserve it past going to the supermarket every other day for a fresh supply of dinnerware?

Oh, and the link to the product website is broken.