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The espro™ press is a precision coffee brewer. It preserves all of the freshly brewed flavours and aromas by micro-filtering twice with a unique metal filter. This micro-filter keeps grounds out of your cup, and lets the aromatic oils in. It solves a problem present in all french presses such as Bodum, Freiling, and countless others: the flavor is full and robust but the coffee is muddy and gritty because the filter is not fine enough to do the job. The reason those products do not have finer filtration? If they did, the force to press down the plunger of the press would be too high and you would start breaking glass! The innovative espro two stage microfilter is 5-10 times finer than anything on the market (global patent pending). The first stage spreads out the grounds, the second even finer filter removes the final sedement. The result is an ultraclean cup of coffee. The top coffee brewer in the world, 2011 Brewer's Cup Champion Keith O'Sullivan, exclaimed in his review of the product "this might take [coffee] to the next level". See links to this and other independent reviews on our website -
Bruce Constantine
Espro Inc.
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Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: Global patent pending

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