EYE-D : Identification System for Glasses

For every person who loses expensive sunglasses or prescription glasses, there is always someone who finds them. Now there is a way to return them with the EYE-D product. It allows the owner to personalize his or her glasses by giving you a template to scratch on the frame your name or phone # so the finder can return them to the owner. You do carry ID in your wallet so why not on your glasses!I came up with this idea when I noticed a draw I had filled with lost or should I say found glasses over the years and still had no way to return them. I had been working with offset printing presses and thought about making a template to personalize your glasses. I then thought it could be mass- market material. If I'm making the same spread on a low cost product and selling more of them compared to selling less units of expensive products, then why not!
Bobby Amore - American Inventor Finalist
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Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

it has potential

I think there is potential in this product but you need to elaborate more on it. What advantage does this product have over simply engraving your name and number on the frame without a template?

You also need to work on your ad text, including the one in the package. It's very amateur and it makes a big difference on how seriously people take your product. With this text and message, your product seems like a product from the dollar store.