EZ-Find! - Electronic Locator System

EZ-Find!® is like no other product on the market. It's sleek, high tech and affordable. Because it's expandable, it's continued usefulness is assured for years to come. As part of the fast-growing product category of electronic locators, the demand for EZ-Find!® is expected to rise with the increase of aging baby boomers, busy households and products getting smaller and harder to find.

EZ-Find! is an affordable patented locator system that tracks up to 25 easily misplaced items such as keys, remotes, gameboys, phones, DS's, cameras, wallets, pets, and lots more. Each tag can be assigned a number using a quick programming option or you can personalize it using a 12 alpha-numeric easy text entry such as "Dads keys." Once the tags are programmed just place them on the item to track using provided key rings, or adhesive. When looking for the lost item just press "Find" and a large beeping sound will steer you in the right direction to find the lost item within minutes. Each tag has a long life battery and a low warning battery feature so you'll be sure to always keep track of important items. Additional EZ-Find tags can be purchased separately. Includes tag batteries, user guide, adhesive, key ring loops and tag number labels.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 7,046,141 b2: 7,064,663,b2: d499,975 s:eu000155866-0001

Keywords: wireless electronic locator, finder, locator, tracker , key finder, gizmo, gadget
Jul 10, 2010
by Anonymous

It finds pets? Nice idea,

It finds pets? Nice idea, but how am I going to stick this thing to the hamster?

Seriously, it is a nice idea. Wish I had one.

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

I think a even better idea

I think a even better idea would be if you had some sort of camera or scanner on it that scans ANYTHING. Then, if there is an item you would absolutely not want to lose, you put this item in front of the scanner and it reads the item. When you lose it, as far as it is within a certain distance from you, you can select the item you are looking for in the system and it tells you where it is.

Feb 25, 2011
by Anonymous

This is perfect, but, what

This is perfect, but, what if you lose the EZ Find! ? Then your really screwed..

Sep 20, 2011
by Anonymous

omg...this is so appropiate

3 days ago "someone" in my house lost my spare car key...no one is giving me a straight answer...everyone said they put the key back where they found it...we are tearing up the house looking for the key and now we are even calling people in another state asking them if they've seen the key (just to be sure we cover all bases) and i wish i had and EZ find on my key.

but equally important...what company did you use to design, prototype, manufacture this product?