Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit - With Auto Flush Technology

The Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit has a compartment built into the top portion of the system where you place in several cartridges for multiple beverage options. The system has a dial on the front of the unit for making your flavor selection.  The system is designed with proximity sensors to allow automatic dispensing, so no need to pump on a system that adds stress to a kitchen faucet.....

The truly important innovation is the patent pending process that is the Auto Flushing system.  The flushing system goes into effect after every use to ensure to protect the users from harm by flushing out all possible residue that could possibly be built up after time and since the auto flushing will also ensure that the flavor from one user is completely flushed away from one user to the next to avoid cross contamination and no germs can develop and the system stays clean.

The system is also not targeted to those who are looking for a filtration system, this is not a filtration system, it is in fact the first ever faucet mounted dispensing unit that is not a filtration system, However, a filter is optional for those who wish to have their water filtered prior to the mixing of the formula.

Unlike the currently available system on the market this one was designed before we ever even heard of the other one and that may explain why ours is far superior in design and by process, well that's are opinion anyway.....

The process is different in that the Faucet Mounted Multi Flavored Dispensing Unit does not pump goo into already filtered water, in fact after the dial is set sensors read a container is ready to be filled and the system automatically turns on and that is why you can leave your kitchen faucet in the on position all the time.

The system drops a highly concentrated amount of formula into a mixing reservoir and waits there until the water flows through and picks it up and carries it through the mixing conduits and out the flavor dispensing outlet spout. The system uses highly concentrated formula so when the water mixes with the formula a reconstituted drink is created, so which means that this system can produce Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Lemonade and Tea and even Sports Drinks as well as Vitamin enhanced water, or Soft Drinks and even Flavored water if you wish.....

Also since the Process of Flushing can easily be adapted for use in faucet mounted water filters to flush out water filters it could save people the effort of doing it manually, which means they could forget and waste water when they have to throw out a glass of water with black filter particles in it  as they forgot to flush it, So let us take that small worry out and ask your water filter companies to add our patent pending process, "Tell them we want water filters with Auto Flush Technology:}" I know I would appreciate that and your support in getting the word out!  A simple task of programming a control board to operate inlet and outlet valves to create a flushing process is a small endeavour for them to take on to look out for your health. The flushing process can begin in any manner of ways as it is a programmable controller and the flushing can be activated by setting a timed flushing alert or just by flipping on the filter switch or by just activating your water faucet. 

The water Filter makers claim that the black particulates that can end up in your drinking glass are 100% harmless, but should you really believe that? If the filters capture harmful bacteria and contaminates.......What does that mean? I don't want to drink residue from a dirty filter...."Please don't forget to manually Flush you water filter."

Kendall Bancroft Somerby
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Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 11/875,356
Invention Status: Concept

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