Firearm Magazine Safety Lock

The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock (FMSL) is the simplest way to lock your firearm. Patented (#7,543,403 B1) and ready for licensing, the FMSL may just change the face of firearm safety. By simply replacing the factory magazine with the FMSL, the lock itself becomes part of the firearm. A firearm that is locked with an FMSL cannot be fired when it is locked and is impossible to keep a round chambered. Making it the best way to childproof your firearm. The Firearm Magazine Safety Lock will render any magazine fed, port ejection firearm completely safe and inoperable with just a turn of the key and back to operational again in just seconds.

The FMSL locks securely every time, replaces flimsy trigger locks and cheap cable locks that can be cut. It fits like an OEM product by utilizing the firearms existing magazine well to safely and securely lock your firearm for safe handling, storing and transportation. The FMSL can be constructed of OEM parts and an all steel locking mechanism will keep your firearm’s aesthetic appeal original and unmodified. Dimensionally and mechanically identical to the firearms existing ammunition magazine, it creates no unnecessary wear and tear on your firearm’s inner workings or surfaces.

Best of all the FMSL can be made to work on any existing or discontinued magazine fed, port ejection firearm in existence with no modification to the firearm. The firearms mechanical function never changes in anyway.  From the oldest 1911 to the newest and most high tech AR15. No gunsmith is required, ever. Simply replace your empty ammunition magazine with the Firearm Magazine Safety Lock and

Lock it, like you Load it!
Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 7,543,403
Invention Status: Looking for a manufacturer

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Jan 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Pretty cool

Good luck with the licensing