Flextee challenges traditional thinking when it comes to how, when or where we play or practice golf. This highly portable Launch Pad is both convenient and beneficial for any golfer’s skill level. Easy to use and to carry to any location, this smooth flexible pad deflects and rebounds at impact with a spring like resistance which perfectly simulates club / turf contact on almost any terrain. Other artificial golf mats can not compare to Flextee’s genuine fairway feel or price. Most discerning golfers are surprised and impressed by this simple arched concept that fits into your golf bag. Compact, durable and light, portability benefits every golfer but especially those wanting to improve. Just by having the Flextee at hand permits swinging a golf club at any location which equals more practice time. Getting better, saving money, and keeping your clubs new without ever needing manicured fairways or grass for practice. Recently at the PGA show in Orlando ’06 many outstanding golf instructors from around the world expressed sincere interest in Flextee’s training aid benefits. Most thought that it would be a great tool for their students to take home to practice with until their next lesson. All agreed that with proper alignment, any swing improves faster. Flextee’s precise target and squaring lines are excellent for alignment and many other swing fundamentals.
Patent Number: # 6,280,345 and #5,885,167
Invention Status: made in Taiwan and sold on our website
Jan 26, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Flextee Launch Pad benefits


The Flextee Launch Pad represents a new era in artificial surface “golf training” products.
The Flextee Launch Pad’s special “flex-divot” surface actually deflects or flexes upon impact to simulate a divot without shock or stress to the body.


The proprietary flex technology creates a “divot spring” and is a quantum leap in golf mat practice surfaces. This space age surface is made possible through the use of high performance plastic when used as a golf practice surface has a feel so natural and superior to all other golf mats, will revolutionize golf practice around the world.

• Patented surface allows for a natural “divot like” feel.
• Flexes on impact to prevent pain and shock associated with tradition mats.
• Portable, compact all weather design goes anywhere.
• Extremely durable and will not mark or damage clubs.


By providing such a real-turf feel, instructors can remain in one location and implement repetitive drills without having to move on every shot to access new turf.
The Flextee Launch Pads silky smooth down and through action allows your students to strike the ball as you have taught them without hurting joints or tendons.
The flexible “give factor” provided by this product allows all golfers but particularly young children (under 9) to make a proper down and through swing that regular mats and hardpan turf do not allow. This product allows them to get the ball up in the air encouraging their further development.
The Flextee Launch Pad provides the repetitive and predictable surface required to instruct golf.


Your players will have more flexibility as they can practice year round or under poor turf conditions and still get a solid feel to their shots.
Students and teams can practice indoors in very small spaces. Even swinging in their rooms without a ball will provide important feedback.
Schools that offer a golf program can do so without sacrificing their school’s sport fields.
Poor quality hardpan or artificial turf can have a negative effect on your students and golf teams. It reinforces an improper “bounce” swing as the players cannot swing down and through as instructed. It also can damage the very joints and tendons they are hoping to strengthen when they practice.

With the Flextee Launch Pad real golf practice of the highest quality can take place anywhere, year round indoors or out. The Flextee Launch Pad is the only affordable golf practice surface that’s good for your swing, good for your clubs and good for your golfing health that’s on the market today.

Feb 19, 2008
by Ryan (not verified)

Artificial turf

Nice post. nice having you around Instead of having to “protect” the field, An artificial turf field can be expected to last years beyond manufacturer’s warranty