Flying Easy Grab Disc - Recreational Toy

Designed to fly like a normal frisbee, except if it lands on a hard surface it can be picked up by a dog or young kid as it has bites taken out of the outter section so there is a lip to grab, as young kids and dogs mostly don't know how to flip a disc to pick it up, we have two sizes, and 3 colors...! Made of FDA approved super soft thermo plastic, tough and durable against dog bites and tugs ! On the market at pet stores !
Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: Get mid July
Invention Status: On the market

Keywords: Flying disc, dog toy, kids disc, frisbee type disc
Oct 21, 2010
by Anonymous


the dog comment isn’t very accurate. I have seen plenty of dogs flip over a Frisbee. It takes them a little bit but that’s the point. It gets there minds working and gives them a challenge. Its one thing most trainers will tell you not to do, don’t flip it for them. Let them figure it out it helps make them a smarter dog. I would suggest not trying to market the dog section since most owners know this and will see it as a disadvantage rather then an advantage.