Gear-Head Cycling Trainer

Several years ago I invented a new innovative cycling trainer that allows riders to compete with other riders at racing speeds in small indoor or outdoor areas. The market for the device could include individuals and health clubs. Events could include racing demonstrations, training rides, exercise classes and other indoor or outdoor events and all could be done in a very limited space. These events or workouts would not be possible on conventional stationary trainers or rollers. The device eliminates much of the boredom associated with conventional stationary trainer riding. The trainer uses a gear reduction system that allows riders to move at very low ground speeds of less than 5MPH while getting the same training benefit of time trialing at 25-30MPH. Cyclists can still get the intense workout they are looking for, while keeping even pace with a walking or running exercise companion. A room full of spinning class participants can now race wheel to wheel in the safety and comfort of an indoor track venue with adjustable drag control allowing handicapping of different rider abilities.          

A prototype device has been created as a "proof of concept" and some additional developmental engineering would be required to take the device to production. A number of pictures have been taken showing details of the trainer and its operation:

The device was recently taken to a local cycling shop for a quick debut and evaluation by racers and shop employees. Those pictures are included in the photo album. We soon had all the employees wanting to ride the trainer and the customers in the shop asking about when it would be available. The “Gadget” customer draw of the device is very strong.

I am looking for an interested company that would like to purchase the idea and the associated name. Patent application process has been initiated but is not yet completed.   

Patent Status: Not Patented
Invention Status: Prototype completed. Additional development work required.

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