Graphical Tail Light System - The New Generation of Car Tail Lights

"Graphical Tail Light System" USPTO Patent Pending Serial Number 12/024,137, is an innovative design, ergonomic enhancement and safety advancement of any car tail light system.

It utilizes graphical sign or symbols for better communication between car drivers. Using symbols in any warning sign is a great advantage, as it draws attention, prevent distraction and inattentive driving. Researchers have shown that warning signs that have a symbol is significantly detected than those that are without symbols.

Graphical TLS is also a great benefit to people that have Autism with any degree, since these people have a problem in communication with word language and prefer sign language. It is well known now that not only children can have Autism, but also adults have different degrees of Autism. There are people in the street that we might not know that do show a degree of Autism. Please visit GraphicalTLS site ( to read more and find references about this (the pdf file "The Concept" is a small research that holds all the scientific background to this invention).

The design is simple, but not very simple to be vague, it uses the same standard color code as the regular tail light system, thus does not deviate from the standards of tail light system and also so that it will not look very new to the drivers.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: USPTO Patent Pending Serial Number 12/240,137
Invention Status: Best Purchaser

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May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this onto Concept cars drivable models etc

Love 2 see this on some Ferraris & Aston Martins. alone
Be very Neat & Ideal for:

School Bus fleets
Tour bus fleets
Semi Tractor Trailers.
Miscl trucks.
Custom cars.
Or make law to Install these in ALL cars etc worldwide.


Very Cool.

Nov 16, 2009
by devvon

tail lights

good idea i am happy 2 c other thinking along the same line as my self.i developed same kind of idea but i was able 2 project image on to thin air so message is not confined within the boundries of the tail lite but seem 2 b floating next 2 vehicle also providing more air space for vehicle eg. 1foot from side 2 side..

Mar 26, 2010
by Anonymous


I get that your trying to improve this, however things like this will be very hard to change. As their are billions of cars.

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous


Very good idea. Have you pitched this to car companies yet? This could definitely start as a high-end feature in a car and become standard after a while

Nov 7, 2011
by Anonymous


What is the green circular arrow thing? Bright red tail lights are easy to see. How does this circular design emmulate a red tail light? There are already yellow blinkers to indicate turns.

The problem with graphic lights is that they must be VERY LARGE in order to make out the symbols, which is why automobile prototyping engineers don't use them on the exterior of a car. They're great inside on your dash, but it's a bit of a stretch to think a driver will be able to make out a symbol in a rainstorm.

KEEP IT SIMPLE SAM! There's no reason to complicate signals already used on cars. Lights are easy to identify and your brain processes the information in a snap. How long would it take a human brain to react to a complex symbol.

Think Navy! Lights are still used as a primary communication when radar silence is observed.

Can you imagine a lighthouse projecting an image instead of a blinking light?

The road is already a complicated mess of traffic signs, road markers, and traffic lights.

While your car symbols are sharp-looking, you have to remember that symbols are good on static items (things that don't move). For moving objects, symbols could be difficult to distinguish.

As for the reference to people with autism - help me out here - what does that have to do with driving? I would imagine that someone with autism would not be eligible for a drivers license unless they have very minor symptoms.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken...