Perfume specifically formulated to be sprayed on the hair. Hairfume was invented for people who think, Their hair should always smell fabulous, And should never stink. So dull & so boring even after they shampoo, So spray your favorite scent & say yahoo! Use it on wet hair for easier combing & shine, And dry hair for when you want a blast of that hairfume fresh scent anytime. Great for quickly eliminating smoke & food odors.
Tina Claypool, Liz Tardio, Helen Marino
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Patent Number: 78566277
Invention Status: Sold In Our Salon & Our Our Website

Keywords: Hair Perfume & Freshener
Feb 24, 2010
by Anonymous


we have enough smells in this world
get some sense on scents

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous


LOL this is the most ridiculous idea ever! There's no way I'd want perfume in my hair. I would either wash it or...well...wash it lol