Higamus Hogamus: The Precocious Pigs Card Game

HIGAMUS HOGAMUS, The Precocious Kids Card Game, consists of 52 cards with humorous cartoon pictures for building compound & multiple words for kids ages 5-12.

Points are accumulated by drawing cards either from a pile or another player's hand to build two-word multiples, i.e., Bull-Dog-House, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities, unlike Old Maid, Go Fish and other matching card games that are much simpler. The game includes two "bad" cards, Krazy Kat and Holy Cow! which are to be avoided, ending the game with negative points, and two "good cards", Higamus and Hogamus, two fat pigs, which receive extra points and which also end the game.

Children playing the game increase their Creativity, Reasoning and Word Skills, while having fun challenging other players, parents and grandparents. Normal playing time is 5 to 10 minutes. Higamus Hogamus has been tested in homes, schools and other settings hundreds of times and is presently being considered for a video game for children on the order of Solitaire for adults.

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