hoster is a device for firmly holding a watering hose and which mount atop a 36" steel post that has been pushed into the ground. It allows watering of a specific area of garden to occur. It is easily manuverable both in a vertical and/or hosizontal direction - without turning the water off. It is made of plastic and is colored green for environmental considerations. Less water is used since the device cocentrates the direction of water to a specific area. This device would be aptly placed in a garden center outlet or large home improvement or discount store such as Home Depot, Lowe''s and Wal-Mart.
Patent Number: D497793
Invention Status: Patented
Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

isn't that what sprinklers

isn't that what sprinklers are for? also, how is coloring the plastic green being considerate to the environment??