iShave: Hairy Back Shaver

iShave, a new product from Gre'jon, LLC, sports an ergonomic design to remove hair from those hard-to-reach spots.

Los Angeles, CA: Bid farewell to hairy backs. iShave, Gre'jon, LLC’s newly launched ergonomic shaver, can reach even the most awkward places, giving you a wonderful new body image.

"Unwanted hair is a blight, and people aren’t always comfortable getting it removed by other people," says John M. Casciaro of Gre'jon. "With iShave, you can do the removal yourself – no fuss, no discomfort."

The Daily Candy magazine had this to say about the iShave: "It’s a nerve-wracking moment. He gets down on one knee. Tiny beads of sweat collect on his lip. He takes a deep breath and whispers softly, "Baby, will you shave my back?" Ah, to be in love." stated: "Not that I would ever admit to needing one of these, but -- hypothetically speaking -- if I wanted to shave a little man fur off my shoulders and/or back, I'd use this."

The ergonomically efficient iShave handle comes with its own blade system pre-loaded, and two disposable replacement blades enclosed in the packaging. Additional disposable blades can be purchased and used as needed.

iShave's extra wide blades will save time and enable tactile shaving, or shaving by feel. The disposable blades in particular have been designed in unison with the handle to shave skin with minimal downward pressure. wrote: "People every where can rejoice. You are now free from embarrassing questions and awkward situations. As far as shaving back hair is concerned. Introducing the iShave, a razor with a long handle."

iShave works with a wet or dry shave. It is, moreover, sleekly designed, easy to store when retracted. When extended, it’s easy to reach all parts of the back with very little effort.


"Gre'jon, a family-owned business, creates special products for special needs, and this is certainly one such need," says Casciaro. "Your investment in the iShave system should provide you the tools to create the self-portrait of your choice."

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Nov 18, 2009
by devvon

cool shaver

they were advertising on television a shaving pad for removing unwanted hair, i think that would b better and quicker then using a blade. so if u change it from a blade to this hair removing pad i would perhaps be interested in distrubution  or aleast i would buy 1 thx