Jazzy Poop Stick™ - Pet Poop Cleaner

Jazzy Poop Stick™ is an all-in-one pet waste management device that allows the user to retrieve, contain, and dispose of their dog’s poop in a safe and sanitary manner without bending or handling of poop filled bags. This unique device also enables single hand operation and quick cleanup which is ideal for dog owners with an impatient or hyperactive pooch. 


The user places the custom, drawstring bag onto the rim of the Jazzy Poop Stick’s™ containment canister. (This is the cone shaped part located at the bottom end of the device.)

The user then holds the device over the poop while pushing down on the plunger (the extended rod located on handle).

This action causes the device’s jaws to descend through the bag and expand over the waste area. When the user releases pressure off the plunger, the jaws scoop up the waste into the bag and ascend back into the containment canister where it is held in place awaiting closure. 

The user closes the bag by pulling on the drawstring until resistance is felt.

To dispose of the waste, the user holds the device over a trash receptacle and pushes down on the plunger causing the device’s jaws to descend and expand thus releasing the bag and its contents.

 Added features include:

·          A trigger sprayer equipped with a refill bottle for diluting and dispersing liquefied waste

·          An easily accessible poop bag dispenser located on the frame of the device.

·          A mini, airtight, pail for transporting poop filled bags when public bins are unavailable.

·          A push button safety light for night time walks.

·          Uses custom designed biodegradable bags which is good for the environment



Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: PPA
Invention Status: functional protofype...seeking licensing or investment

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