Kee4™ Keyboard

Kee4™ is a new and revolutionary computer keyboard with only 4 keys, operated by one hand. It is truly portable, making it ideal for wearable computing, smart phones, tablets and MIDs. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to any device with HID support and allows effortless, fast typing anywhere you go.

The Kee4™ keyboard has two parts: a base with the four keys and a small pouch for the thumb. When typing, the thumb is inserted in the pouch and holds the keyboard in place, so that the four fingers rest comfortably on the four keys. Each finger has its dedicated key and never has to move away from it or from key to key. Support against the movement of the keys being pressed is provided by resting the keyboard against another object, like side of the body, pocket, armrest, desktop or any other object a hand would normally rest on.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6,952,173

Keywords: keyboard, computer, wearable, one-hand, portable, one-handed