Keep-Safe Lockbox

My powder-painted steel lockboxes lock permanently onto steel brackets bolted to studs of walls or solid doors, and once the owner uses a key or the combination to unlock one, he can just pull it off the bracket and reach into the open back. Plus, my slim-line lockboxes are made to hold medicines in the bathroom, toxic cleaners in kitchen cupboards, toxic baby products in bedrooms and nurseries, and guns behind bedside tables or even bolted to the underside of a bed frame (combo type). The rectangular lockbox can hold toxic items in the garage, or guns and other weapons or ammunition in closets. In the bathroom, or on the walls of a bedroom, living room, etc., the slim-line lockbox can also be inserted partly inside the wall when a hole is made in the wall the size of the box, and the bracket then bolted right to the inside stud. Just an inch or so could extend into the room for one's fingers to pull it off the bracket to reach the back of the lockbox after it is unlocked. That way, it is hardly noticeable in the bathroom, and could even be covered by pictures or wall hangings in other rooms. I also provide door brackets to provide pickup/delivery service.
Invention Status: Product available

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