Laser Ball - Laser putting Platform

This is the only golf training aid that emits a laser-dot from the actual golf ball being putted. The laser-dot is emitted from the precise center of the golf ball; which indicates the "exact" trajectory of the putt. The laser-dot representation is accurate to within 2" inches of l/r deviation @ 100 feet. This degree of accuracy is equivalent to evaluating one's putting on a level glass surface. There is no ball chasing, simply reset and putt again! No dinged-up walls/furniture - because the golf ball does'nt roll anywhere (the laser-dot does). The device also includes colored free-standing targets at which to aim for (like a cup/hole). The targets also lend the device to double as a great multi-player competetive golf game! The game applications are limited only by the imagination of the user. There is no ground-effect to disturb/alter the true linear trajectory imposed upon the ball by the golfer; therefore, providing for a true discernment of one's accuracy/bad habits.
Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 6579191
Invention Status: Undeveloped

Keywords: laser putter device