Lid with Wings, Stable and Safe Cookware Lid

The Lid with Wings solves the centuries-old problem of SAFE and STABLE displacing of the cookware lid on a pan for both ventilating of the pan's content during cooking and emptying the pan.

The task is achieved by the simple, straghtforward, and intuitively clear means as shown on the images.

The product has the following benefits:

- Adds safety and convenience when displacing the lid on a pan;

- Absolutely habitual, intuitively clear way of ventilating/emptying the pan;  

- No need to use a customized pan, safe for non-stick surfaces, as opposed to e.g. "vented lids";

- Immediate visual check of the ventilation degree (problematic with vented and many other lids);

- No buttons, no moving parts;

- Immediate eye-catcher on the shelf;

- Additional aesthetic opportunities due to the "wings";  

- "Long Narrow Opening" feature, not present in conventional lids;

- Cost of production similar to that of conventional lids, just a mould should be changed.


Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: US 7,594,591
Invention Status: Patented, Prototyped and Ready for Licensing

Keywords: cookware lid safe stable