Springdale, Ark ---- Among the most asked household questions is the one about the mail. Everyone dreads that walk in the wind and rain to find an empty mailbox. "Even a bill would be okay just to make the trip worth the effort," Says MailFlag inventor Larry Brown.

Living with a rural style, roadside mailbox can be challenging. Adding to the mix of weather conditions and distance from the house, there are the roadside safety variables of traffic, dust and visibility.

Brown looked for existing solutions and found them expensive and cumbersome to install. Instead of a high priced, mechanical monster, Brown thought up a low tech, "Keep It Simple, Stupid" device he calls "MailFlag." Tether a Flag on a String from a self-adhesive mount; shut the door on the flag, wait for the postal person to open the door. A glance out the window tells if the flag is hanging free.

MailFlag is all American made and costs just $3. It can be seen at or ordered direct from MailFlag, 903 Musteen Rd. Springdale, AR 72762 (479) 361-5986. $1 covers shipping and handling.

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 7331510

Keywords: MailFlag, Mail Alert