Multi Storied Car Park with Inclines Conveyance : Enhanced Car Parking System

Automated parking method in a multi storied building using an inclined hoist way, elevator is driven along rails, carrying the automobile by means of over head traction to desired parking floor.

This type of multi-storied car park is applicable as a parking garage for automobiles as well as a car storage for a show room.

Similarly this method is applicable to elevate the cars to residence at high rise apartments & to shopping malls in multi storied buildings.

The new technology for conveying automotives, rolling stocks and materials, for parking and storing in buildings having multiple of floors at different levels. The hoist way for conveyance is a passage constructed through the multiple of floors in an inclined straight path through which a pair of rails situated to travel the hoiting platform that carries the stock for parking and storing. The lift cage secured onto a carriage movable along the track on supporting beams spaced apart to accomodate the carriage interposed in between two beams.The elevator is driven along rails, carrying the automobile in the inclined hoist way by means of over head traction to desired parking floor.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: PCT/IB2008/002561
Invention Status: Prototype

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May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Must for these Markets

Las Vegas Casinoes
Convt Centers.
Colleges IE USC, CalTech
City Govt Centers.
Theme Parks.

Jan 5, 2011
by Anonymous

very smart!

Wow! This is cool!

Jan 30, 2012
by Anonymous


You would have to make the consumer sign document waiving any liability to your company/invention. If anything were to go wrong durning the process where the customer is entrusting you with their car, you would be held responsible. My advice, when this is all st up, make sure you hire a very good lawyer, you're going to need it.