My Car Pet - Novelty Item

My Car Pet enjoys long romantic walks on the beach, drinking beer, watching football with the guys, kicking ass, taking names, playing video games and spending time with that someone special.  The inventor, Shaun Kruse, created the My Car Pet carpet creature by accident. Shaun was walking to his car after a long day of work while reading a coupon book. Upon glancing at an ad for a carpet cleaning service, Shaun was confused as he read their website's address As he broke the words down in his mind, he read "real" "clean" "car" "pets." After laughing and realizing that the word "carpet" is spelled "car pet," it occurred to Shaun that it would be funny to make a pet for your car out of carpet. It was at that moment that the idea behind was born.  Each My Car Pet carpet creature measures 5 inches by 5 inches and is hand crafted with love in the United States of America from retro color shag carpet, wiggle eyes, foamboard, pipe cleaners and ScotchTM brand clear mounting squares. Also, every carpet creature is signed and dated by the inventor/artist. Common uses include: dusting your car's dash, shining your shoes, supporting your team colors, acting as your CTC or Chief Travel Companion and picking up girls at the bar... My Car Pet makes a great wingman!  During these difficult times it is important to remember our motto, "When life hands you carpet, make car pets!"


Patent Status: Not Patented

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