My Lil' Mouse - Kids Computer Mouse

My Lil’ Mouse is an ergonomically correct kids mouse for computers. Developed by pediatric audiologist Dr. Curtis Whitcomb, this kids mouse has many great features including.

USB connectivity for PC or MAC

Textured and Contoured ‘Squeeze’ button for added comfort &  control

Attractive see through design in Blue and Pink colors

LED lights glow when the mouse button is clicked

Small Size to fit Small Hands; Only 3 inches long!

My Lil’ Mouse is a great kids computer mouse for kids aged 2 years and up. The patented ‘Squeeze’ technology of the mouse button was specifically designed to work the way a kids hand works with the functionality of a left mouse button only.

Your child will no longer be confused with the multiple buttons of an adult mouse, as the front contoured button is one single button to let your child learn faster without the need of looking at his/her hand while navigating.

Today kids are learning at a rapid pace with the advancements of computers and the internet. It is important to get ahead of the curve as many children will already be acclimated to the computer before kindergarten.

Your child deserves to be at the top of their class, this is why we produced the My Lil’ Mouse; kids optical mouse for computers.

My Lil’ Mouse is a great compliment to all the wonderful learning games available to young children. Kids love the My Lil’ Mouse, computer mouse for kids, and the parents love seeing how much their children have grown using this specially designed computer mouse for kids! (You will too!)

Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: 6922186
Invention Status: Patented, Manufactured, for sale

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