Olive Express - Olive Stuffer

Fast and easy way to stuff olives with what ever your heart desires. Simple two step process, press it into the cheese and stuff the olive. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand as well.

The Olive Express is the easiest and quickest way to stuff olives without all themess and problems that comes with job of stuffing olives.The Olive Express can be used to stuff olives with a variety of cheeses, onions, garlic, crab meat, lobster meat, and whatever else you can dream up. This new echnology allows the user a quicker, easier way to stuff olives without the mess, nlike the old conventional ways, by hand, with spoons and knives, pastry bags, and syringe injectors.There are no separate moving parts that can get lost or damaged during the cleaning process, the Olive Express is one self contained tool that is FDA approved and is dishwasher safe.

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Invention Status: In Stock Ready for Delivery

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Dec 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Best thing I've found in a while

We love this thing. So easy to use and not real messy like the others I've tried. It's fast and simple and don't have to fill anything. real cool and fun to use. We fight over whos stuffing the olives now.

Jun 13, 2010
by Anonymous

who stuffs the olives?

Hmm I wonder who wrote that post LOL :D