Paper Pulp Siding - New Type of Building Material

"Recycled Paper Pulp Siding"

My name is Steven Montes, I am a scientist in Tucson, Arizona.

This new building material created from my revolutionary pulp paper blend is designed to reverse the effects of Global Warming, and Global Dimming, two major of several ongoing environmental threats to our planet.

One of the projects that I just finished was first started some eight years ago, only because of the triple digit high temperatures that Tucson is well known for. I had no idea that this project could have such a great impact in the fight against Global Warming, and Global Dimming.

This project that I have just completed, is in the siding, roofing, and prefabricated building industry. This new type of product is meant to be placed around an existing building, or home, and because of the basic properties that make up this new product, it will insulate these structures fully from the heat, and cold due to the increased process of Global Warming, and Global Dimming. I have also developed a type of tile using lightweight cement that is also made from some of the same materials as the siding that is used as a roofing material to further insulate any existing structure.

I have estimated that a home, or building using these materials would have potential to reduce the cost to heating, and cool their homes, and buildings by 75 percent or more depending on the thickness, and the composition of the existing materials that this product are being applied to.

A) One of the main features of this siding, is its insolation factor. This siding will insulated a house, or building fully from the heat and the cold, only because paper has been considered one of the most highly insulated material known to man. The reduction in energy to heat, or cool a home or building made of these new materials, will reduce energy cost by an unmanageable amount.

B) Also Because of the high concentrations of chemicals that go into the making of newspaper and other paper products used in this siding, this new product is also mold resistent, and is also resistant to termites.

C) In addition the fibrous content of this new type of siding, this siding is much stronger than any other type of siding, because the absorbing effects of the cement throughout the paper fibers that act like reed bar as a structural strengthening mesh.

D) Since recycled paper pulp is the primary ingredient of this new product, this new type of siding makes any home or building sound proof.

E) By adding one more compound to the list of ingredients that make up my products, I now have a fire proof product that will keep any home or building from burning. With the introduction of this new compound, in making my products, I discovered that this compound increased the insolation factor of this product while making the cement harder and stronger.

F) In addition I am able to manufacture large prefabricated wall used in the construction of my prefabricated homes, and buildings. In addition I am also able to manufacture prefabricated foundations for these homes, and buildings.

I am able to impact, and restructure the construction industry as we know it globally.

I can be contacted by phone at 520-749-1105 or by e-mail at for further information on this new technology.

Patent Status: Patent Pending

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Jun 18, 2012
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Dear sir Iam interested in

Dear sir
Iam interested in this technology.
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