P.E.T. PT : Pet Toy

P.E.T PT Pet Exercise Toy (Physical Therapy)

The P.E.T.PT reacts to the pet’s output. If the animal pulls on the toy it will pull back. When the animal releases the attachment, the toy will recoil and sway providing chase and play. The most reliable reaction from the toy will be tug-o-war because of the patented internal mechanisms; there will be adequate resistance for pulling and exercise. This toy is not one directional like playing toss and fetch, it allows the pet to provide entertainment on it’s own. With the increasing number of pet owners and related consumables from pet insurance to doggie face-lifts, the pet market will continue to expand and grow. There is a definite need for the introduction of a device that will not only occupy the dog’s attention, but stimulate it physically as well. This product has been tested at Doggie daycare centers throughout Canada and the U.S. Be a part of the health conscious pet community with the P.E.T. PT.I have completed the conception, development, creation, and testing of the product within 2 years. I have now secured a number of interested parties from small pet companies to large pet supply companies, positioning to compete for the licensing rights to my product.The only external device required can be obtained from a number of manufacturers at bulk rates.I have recently applied for a utility patent and I have been exploring opportunities under my provisional protection. I also have all parties involved under non-disclosure agreement for protection.Market OpportunityThe U.S. pet market has recorded the highest growth rates in North America over the past several years. At the same time, the market remains far from saturated. Research based on industry and trade show sources shows that the role pets play in America has become more important in recent years. As a result, pet ownership in America is on the increase, which in turn has led to the development of a market for pet products that is strong and growing. America has a pet population is estimated to be almost 73 million. The pet products market in America was estimated to be$32.4billion in 2003, $34.4billion in 2004, and $35.9billion in 2005(APPMA, 2005). Trade sources have forecast increases of the same magnitude in 2007, with this upward trend continuing over the next few years.My product is unique in the method in which it interacts with the pets and the environment. There are no products similar to this on the market. This is a very profitable endeavor for any Investor. This company is in a prime position to create a new niche in the pet industry, focusing on the health and vitality of their pets. There are NO products that specifically address boredom, and enrichment of the pets lives, making this product a must-have in the pet industry. CompetitionIn the pet market there are no products that capitalize on the advantages my product has over existing toys. My device will enhance any existing toy/stimulant and also create a new function for once rejected toys. This unique feature creates a number of licensing opportunities for this and all derivative products.Economic ModelI will endeavor to earn revenue from the product through direct sales of this to interested pet owners, boarding facilities, pet exhibitors, breeders, and service animals via tradeshows, online sales, leading to a central retail facility to test my products and teach important training methods and health care for all pets. The manufacture and distribution of this product from contracted sources will perpetually provide positive gains from the sale to consumers worldwide through already established distribution channels and excited pet owners.CustomersThe target audiences are the current and future pet owners, who do not have the time to continuously monitor and play with their pets. Not to replace exercising and interacting with your pet, but to be an outlet to dissipate excess energy our pets accumulate while waiting on our return home from the day’s endeavors.RisksAs with any endeavor, there are risks associated with new products and their introduction to the market. Marketing, timing, and many other factors can affect the success of any potential product. This product has been painstakingly tested in Canada and the U.S. with video proof of validity of concept and implementation.Proposed FinancingI am attempting to raise $1,000,000. Company Background:Enrichment Innovations Corp.Founded: March 2007Jude Waddy/ PresidentProduct Developer / TesterRetired Professional Athlete (NFL/C.F.L./N.F.L.Europe) 98-06College of William & Mary '98 (BS Kinesiology/Biology-Biomechanics)Marketing Field/Brand Manager 06-Use Of ProceedsThe investment will be used to secure the tooling and manufacture of this product to provide ample supple for the accumulating demand. Advertising and marketing will be grass-roots, in multiple cities known for Pet Friendly citizens, to begin, progressively leading to a more aggressive campaign to be evaluated as data is obtained.A limited run of the product will be produced for the Pre-Order inquiries obtained via the grass roots marketing, and Internet demonstrations posted online to begin the introduction of this toy to high-profile pet enthusiasts. Tradeshow and Breeding Exhibitions held on multiple locations throughout the year will be prime opportunities to display, educate, and offer this product to all interested pet owners. The Branding and Trademark Rights of this product are pending.I have many interested parties and wish to secure the proper investors with the foresight to aid the development and distribution of this and many other products to come. I have field-tested the prototype, with hours of pet/device interaction at undisclosed Doggie Daycare centers.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ialwTKC6dYoFor further inquiries:Please send any requests to:Enrichment InnovationsJUDE WADDY124 New York AveSuite#9Brooklyn, N.Y. 11216 347.564.2750enrichinnovations@att.net

Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: US11/724,836
Invention Status: Prototype tested / feedback, Video, Patent Pending

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Nov 25, 2009
by Anonymous

cat's toy

cats are curious yet elusive animals, well ive discovered, accidentally, a toy that draws them in instaneously, without catnip, however the use of catnip would, if its even possible, enhance this affect. Just needs to be marketed, but i havent the slightest idea of how to do this. If your interested, reply at kevhav13@gmail.com, its my email. Ive tested it on several cats and they come RUNNING to see what it is, I'm going to get this on the market, one way or another, just thought i'd give you the oppurtunity to get involved.