Pleasure-Dome Transparent Enclosure System for Spas and Small Above Ground Pools

Pleasure-Dome is a transparent pack-away enclosure system for spas and small above ground pools (e.g. 12 and 15 feet in diameter) The most cost-effective enclosures on the market at the moment are the low height aluminium and polycarbonate low arched structures that at the highest part of their arc are little more than 3 feet above the surface of the water. These are not a practical possibility for Spas and Above Ground Pools (that have not been sunk into the ground), because there is insufficient headroom. Most enclosures for Spas are not transparent, and the “still outdoors feeling is lost”. Pleasure-Dome scores with its transparency and its excellent height (9-10 feet) for low structure weight. The stands and support tubes for a Dome up to about 6.5m in diameter would probably cost in the region of $3,000 and then you might spend anything from $1,000 to $7,000 on the door, cover, shaping tubes, water bags and extras, depending on the quality of the materials. The distinguishing feature of Pleasure-Domes are the inflatable polyurethane tubes that hold the plastic membrane up, and the metal stands that hold the inflatble tubes in place. The technology to make the inflatable tubes was developed specially for Pleasure-Dome by BASF in Germany. We could not find plant anywhere in the world that was continuously extruding tubes around 20cm in diameter and 1mm wall thickness. Having a tube without seams is important both on cost and reliability grounds. We’ve made a great number of prototypes, so we’re fairly clear on what works and what doesn’t work. To move forward with this project we really need an order for a small batch of one size of dome to reduce the unit costs. We have a manufacturer in Spain that has the capability to produce all the elements of further prototypes and small batches. Ideally it would be good to find a marquee, tent, or enclosure manufacturer with some plastic RF welding capability in the USA or Canada to run the project and license the stand technology and purchase supplies of the polyurethane tube from our plant in the UK. Pleasure-Dome represents a considerable achievement. With a heat pump and well insulated side walls and surface, all-year-round indoor-outdoor swimming becomes possible. Add a counter-current swimming machine and you have an indoor-outdoor swim-spa for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Pleasure-Dome is patent pending in Great Britain with world rights reserved. Pleasure-Dome is a registered trade mark in the U.K. The patent covers the use of the metal stands to hold inflatable tubes thus creating a support structure for enclosures. Our other patents cover clips to attach insulation, and the underwater lounger Sea Hammock. Pleasure-Dome is a flexible, pack-away, free-standing enclosure system, designed to extend the swimming season and add security to the swimming environment. The stands and door should ideally be pegged or bolted to the ground, but once that is done the tubes just slip into the rings on the stands. A cover is pulled over the tubes and the tubes inflated. The enclosure naturally absorbs wind load because of its flexible structure. It is not attached to the pool and therefore cannot harm the pool structure. On the contrary it shelters the pool and helps retain heat in the pool. When used with above-ground pools the pool tank can be wrapped with additional insulation in the winter, as this will be sheltered by the cover. Pleasure-Dome • Ideal for Spas and Above-Ground pools • Keeps pool warmer and provides shelter from wind • Very robust steel stands (stainless steel as an option) • Tough, 850 micron polyurethane inflatable tubes specially developed for us by BASF in Germany • Tubes are airtight and inflated to a pressure similar to a party balloon • Cover is tensioned at cleats on the base of each stand • Water-filled tubes seal the gap between the cover and the ground • Cover is not physically attached to the tubes, hence the system is lightweight and flexible • Tubes can be easily deflated, the cover and water bags easily removed, and stored enabling true open air swimming and bathing in the Summer • Totally portable if you move house • Easy to add to the set-up, and change components • Ideal for restricted space and awkward sites • Polyurethane film tubes give a very tall structure for their weight • Tubes can span between 4 and 7 metres (13 to 23 feet) • By using specially designed “webs” tubes can be made to “pass through” and connect to each other. In this way many different tunnel and/or dome configurations can be created • Horizontal tubes improve the overall enclosure shape • Transparent, specially developed polyurethane cover material gives that “still outdoors feel” • Keeps dirt and insects out • Helps make pool area secure Pleasure-Dome As the air temperature is typically 2°C higher in the dome than outside, and considerably hotter when the sun is shining, it is highly advantageous to position a heat pump such that it draws its air from inside the dome and exhausts it to outside. In such a way the pool water can be economically heated and the enclosure ventilated. Pleasure-Dome can be fitted with a zipped entrance, or If intended for winter use, a lockable double glazed door in an aluminium frame, as illustrated here. Illustrations below are of a dome of 5m external radius and 2.8m height. First illustration is a 3.6m diameter pool and deck on a sloping site covered in low cost polyethylene. All enquiries welcome.
Patent Number: PCT/GB2006/2425135A
Invention Status: Need order for small batch of enclosures, Looking for US/CAN enclosure company to license

Keywords: Swimming Pool Above Ground Pool Enclosure Shelter Plastic Large Diameter Seamless Extruded Polyurethane Tubes
Apr 2, 2008
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May 10, 2009
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Markets for Domes

TV & Movie Props Use
AANR Clubs-
FKK clubs- EU
Cruise Liners.

Make even bigger for larger pools & spas.

Must for Northern US states & SW states for Eve hours.

Have Domes trap Heat for PM use in all states esp Maine, CT, Del, etc.

Expand this domes more.