Pool Sprint - Water Sport

Pool sprint is the new era of running, which takes running on a new level. It´s training methods and equipment were invented and developed by Pyry Tamminen.

The special underwater running track and shoes enable maximum performance and running in the water by providing good grip for the feet at the bottom of the pool. Water profides efficient resistanse to the runner making pool sprint an extremely efficient and interesting alternative to other exercise and top sports. Pool sprint is perfect fo exercisers, rehabilitation and for those who wish to explore their physical limits.

Pool sprint fits the urban surroundings and lifestyle perfectly.

With running track pools depth profile can be changed. When product development is ready running track can be placed in to the most pools.

At the moment Pyry Tamminen and The Foundation of Finnish Inventions are designing prototypes of underwater running track and shoes for industrial production. Also new tests will start in january 2012.

Pool sprint is patented in Finland. Pool sprint is also PCT-patented. If you are allready making or interested to make business in sports and wellness industry you can contact Pyry Tamminen for further information and for all business proposals.

Running track shown in the images and videos is a test model made by Pyry Tamminen. It is not commercial product. Shoes are modified from ready made shoes by Pyry Tamminen and they are not made in co-operation with the companies whose logos and trademarks can be seen. Both running track and shoes are under product development at the moment.

Watch the video at www.poolsprint.com


Patent Status: Patented
Patent Number: FI122224, PCT/FI2010/050702
Invention Status: Prototype / test model

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