Poteez : Disposable Toilet Potty

Poteez is the worlds first flatpack diposable potty. It is an attractive sheet of coated corrugated cardboard, ready cut and creased for the parents convenience. Simply carry or store the flat potty and when needed fold the Poteez together and you will have one instant strong, waterproof and sanitary convenience for your child. Once used simply close the lid, seal it and dispose of it in the next suitable place. No more potty cleaning, no more dirty potties, no more public conveniences for your child - its so cheap and simple it makes perfect sense!
Patent Number: PCT/GB2006/000685
Invention Status: Pre Production - Seeking US Interest

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Mar 23, 2007
by David Macey (not verified)


The poteez is now "pop-up" and takes literally 5 seconds to erect - It will be in UK shops later this year and the US (hopefully) by the end of the year.

Jun 7, 2007
by LaTonya E Gray (not verified)


I am impressed with your invention for the disposable potty which lead me to inquire about how did you go about having it patent because I would like my own invention to become patented.

Jul 25, 2007
by David@Poteez (not verified)


Thank you to all that have commented.

I am not sure where you are based but in the UK we registered the PCT patent through a patent agent. He did all the legwork but charged us quite a lot for it.

However, prior to that we did register the UK patent ourselves as that was a far simpler process and we had to do something in a short amount of time to get a priority date and get to work on the prototypes which we could not do unless we overcame the disclosure rules and registering it was one way of doing that. For the initial registration, we downloaded the forms from the Patent Office website and filled them in. Once we had done that and sent them off with the fee (£30/$60), we received a priority date and we could then tell people about the idea.

 The technicalities of the application had to show that there was something new about this idea which had not been done before (and not necessarily specific to a potty in our case) which we could do in the design and the way it was folded to give it the strength and water retentive properties.

As part of the PCT application process we also had searches done and had a written opinion of the PCT authority. These confirmed that in their opinion, the patent application would be upheld as having a new or significant difference from any other corrugated container that went before it.

If at this stage the written opinion had been negative and said there was no way to have the patent granted there would have been no point pursuing the patent in its current form.

 I hope this information is usefull to you.