Quick Clip - Sunglass Holder for Vehicle Visor

Not only is this clip better than those on the market. It will hold any size sunglasses without any adjustments needed. You can insert and extract your sunglasses with one hand and not even have to look up at your visor. The Quick Clip is safer, sturdier, stylish and more user friendly than any other model on the market. The best thing is it doesn't cost any more than the ones you currently own.

It can even be used to hold notes, pens, pencils or other small objects. Go to your nearest Sunglass Hut and check it out.

Invention Status: currently on sale in Sunglass Huts nationally. Will be followed by Pearle Optical, LensCrafter and Sears Optical later this year

Keywords: visor glasses sunglasses car invention clip
Dec 27, 2007
by Randy (not verified)

Great Idea!

I think you will do well. It is a great idea, coming from a fellow inventor.