ResQDisk is a Rescue Device for saving individuals who has fallen into FAST MOVING WATERS or THIN ICE. Besides swimming pool and children, people seldom drown in calm waters. It is uses an aerodynamic property of a flying disk to accurately deliver a life line to those who are in distress. Note: This invention is designed for ACCURACY and SPEED. Individuals caught in flood water can travel as fast as 45 MPH. Often you only have one chance to throw a rescue device. Although I have additional buoyancy variations of the invention, adding too much buoyant material takes away from accuracy. (Check Web Site for more info) The rope wound on top of surface makes it heavy enough to make it minimally affected by wind. Last 2 years, we have seen Tsunami, hurricains and floodings. I tried to address some of the problems we had with this invention.
Invention Status: Patent Pending

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Jan 18, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)

Your device

Is this the same hard plastic Res-Q-Disk that was sold many years ago? The one that was made of hard plastic that looks like it would injure someone if it hit them?
Why NO buoyancy? You know that use on a 45 mph river, someone is going to die. And with this disk someone will die.

To bad it's not like that other rescue disk that actually got a patent.

Jun 5, 2008
by Anonymous

I am trying to contact the

I am trying to contact the inventor to see if he has done anything more with this invention.
Don't listen to the ignorant twit who posted the first comment, he quite obviously has NO IDEA what he is talking about, this will not kill people, it WILL help save lives!
I work in swift water resuce and would like to know if you have taken the idea further, and if you have I'd love to get in touch

Aug 3, 2008
by Anonymous


probably would need a small "engine" propeller in there surrounded by plastic so no one would get hurt by the minipropeller. That way it might not be needed to be thrown in twice. Also that it detects the person and steers right to the person/persons. Though probably someone invented something like that already. Just a suggestion

Apr 27, 2010
by Anonymous


i can't believe how stupid some of these comments are