Sea Hammock - Aquatic Deckchair \ Lounger

This is how the UK Government's Trade and Industry Department describes this novel award-winning invention:- NEW PRODUCTS FROM BRITAIN ________________________________________ PRESS RELEASE NPD6680 COOL SEA HAMMOCK FOR RELAXING IN WATER WINS TOP AWARD An award-winning hammock that supports bathers’ bodies beneath the water, rather than floating on top of it, has been developed by a British company. The Sea Hammock, from, is described as “an aquatic deck chair”. It keeps the body fully submerged, the bottom of the frame resting on the bottom of the pool, sea or lake, while an inflatable pillow supports the head, above the water, at the top of a fabric sling. “In a warm indoor swimming pool, people can stretch out on the Sea Hammock and enjoy the warmth of the water,” says Christopher Brindle, managing director of “In the summer, when the sun is too hot on land, bathers can take the Sea Hammock to the water, so they can keep cool while they sunbathe.” Lightweight and portable – the aluminium version weighs only 3kg – the hammock can be carried in a specially designed bag down to the beach, sea or lakeside. “The really great thing about Sea Hammock, is that it’s so easy to get on to, and you can choose exactly how you sit or lie in it just by moving your body,” says Mr Brindle. “You can sit up and read a book, or lie out on your front or back and just relax. It also allows gentle water aerobics or water therapy, rocking up and down, stretching and doing trunk curls.” The chair adjusts to any depth of water between 0.5m and 1.5m, and the fabric sling can be adjusted using zips to suit the height of the user. The depth of the hammock in the water can be adjusted using the life-jacket inflator valve in the inflatable pillow. In addition to its leisure use, the hammock can be helpful to rheumatism sufferers, acting as a support during water therapy. The first distributor for Sea Hammock – which won the award for the best new product for swimming pool areas at the prestigious Piscine Show in Lyon, France, in November 2006 – has been appointed on Australia’s Gold Coast.
Patent Number: PCT/GB2006/0601476.5 GB 2 425 146 A
Invention Status: On Sale in Europe - Looking for entrepreneur to take on US handling/sales/distribution

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Dec 12, 2008
by Anonymous

good idea

good idea

May 10, 2009
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